Posted by on April 16, 2018

Coming Soon – Our Food Travel Edition!
Expect the UN-expected!

The Creative Team is currently working on several upcoming issues, including the Food Travel Edition.

This issue will feature something for everyone in tours, travel packages, trips, and more through a myriad of travel professionals and tour companies, and will open up new travel inspiration for those looking for something different for the next vacation or getaway.

The Food Travel Edition is going to uncover worlds of authentic, regional cuisine through classic grassroots travel into some of the world’s most exciting food cultures!

One part culture, one part adventure, the gastronomic trips inside this issue could have you munching, crunching, sipping and slurping your way through amazing destinations around the globe – just like the locals!

And the Food Travel Edition can help travelers avoid the tourist traps!

This issue will be packed with trips, tours and travel information that will  introduce you to the real deal: hidden local bars, herb-filled homestay kitchens and alfresco cafés only the locals know. Shop at local markets for regional foods and delicacies.Even go hunting for truffles or pick produce straight from local farms!

This issue will open up travel that is regional and authentic: Tour through local night markets; visit local teahouses; bottle your own wine! Make your own cheese!

Learn to prepare heritage cuisine, which draws inspiration from the traditions of dozens of ethnic cultures, subcultures and centuries of history.

THINK you know food travel? This upcoming issue will open up world’s you did not know existed!

In addition, visit historic sites, visit local breweries, distilleries, wineries;  visit destinations where you can fish at night, visit caves and islands…

You could come away from your next vacation with more than just a sunburn!

• Improve cooking experience
• Improve cooking skills
• Experiences in the kitchen with a professional chef
• Create outstanding dishes and desserts from around the world
• Shop at regional markets for locally-sourced foods
• Learn plating and general presentation skills from regional chefs
• Hunt for truffles


Are you a Food Travel Professional?

If you are a Food Travel Professional who offers Food Trips, ToursCooking Classes, Food Travel Packages or more … Our Creative Team will be interested in what you have to offer, because they currently have Editorial insertion possibilities available.

But contact them quickly; as you can imagine, available space  goes quickly. Use the form below. (travel professionals only; no travel writers, please)


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