Posted by on October 12, 2018

Our Creative Team is currently working on an upcoming Food & Wine Edition!

In keeping with our new focus on Travel, Leisure and Lifestyles, this next edition promises to be very exciting because it will include leisure and lifestyle activities not covered by us in the past.

Look for a diverse range of foodcentric and drinkcentric entertainment to include:

  • International Agritourism (Agritravel) – Organic Farms, orchards, date farms, nut farms, olive farms; Green Trails; Aeroponic & Hydroponic Farm Tourism; Aquaponics
  • International Drink– Breweries, distilleries, wineries
  • International Farm to Table/ Field To Table – Cooking classes; tours & classes
  • Unusual International Food Travel– Dinner Trains; wine trains; Pop Up Food Events & Food Truck events
  • Behind The Scenes Food & Drink Tours & Travel
  • Local/Regional Food Travel –  in local regions, cities and neighborhoods

Of course “Food Tourism” will still be a main focus. For us, “the pursuit and enjoyment of unique and memorable food and drink experiences, both far and near” remains a prime objective.

Our research proves that 93% of travelers can be considered food travelers. Many have visited a cooking school, participated in a food tour, or gone shopping in a local grocery, farmer’s market or gourmet store while traveling. In addition, travelers enjoy visiting  food or beverage factories, participate in wine/beer/spirits tastings, and of course, eating out in unique or memorable food establishments or destinations.

And we will also focus on Agritourism that involves experiences on farms including where to go for overnight farmstays, harvest festivals, and dinners-on-the-farm!

And we’ll also have some unique, seldom seen, behind-the-scenes experiences for foodies, too!

Look for this and so much more …coming soon!

Want to be included in this upcoming issue?

We have some great Outreach Opportunities for you to get your message or brand out to a food-loving audience!



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