Posted by on May 15, 2019

Our Creative Team is working on the next issue!

It will be full of the latest Agritainment News, Agritractions, hottest new trends and more!

During the last month our Creative Team uncovered amazing facets to Agritourism, learned how saavy tourism professionals are taking advantage of this HOT new Travel Trend and what it could bring to destinations looking to introduce something NEW!



What they discovered is that Agritourism draws a huge secter of travelers – from kids to seniors – of varying interests. It appeals to those wanting to experience a wellness vacation or lifestyle; it appeals to those looking to explore an areas regional cuisine; it offers some of the newest technology in growing ornamental and edible Gardens and Farms.



Whether travelers are looking to recharge and unwind, disconnect or just experience something new and meaningful in travel … tourism professionals are planting hydroponic gardens for patrons to enjoy tower-to-table fresh produce; creating scene-setting vertical gardens for ambience and aesthetics; restaurants, wineries, resorts, event centers – even airports – are creating their own agritractions to draw new generations of travelers.



Our Creative Team invites TOURISM PROFESSIONALS, TRAVEL PROFESSIONALS, EDUCATORS and more to participate in this upcoming issue.

Contact us for details!


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