Posted by on June 19, 2019

Our Editor NEEDS your help! With the help of GOFUNDME & generosity of others, she’s planning to raise enough funds to put vertical hydroponic grow towers, “Urban Gardens,” in schools, classrooms & other nonprofits.

Won’t you help her, help them?

The Hydroponic Urban Gardens Movement, grand or small, is shaping the future of modern agriculture, and opening an exciting gateway of discovery for people everywhere. This is particularly true for achools.


Schools around the world are deeply impacted. Forward-thinking educators are inspiring excitement in students to cultivate their own hydroponic ‘farm-fresh’ food … right in the classrooms. Students learn how to plant, grow, harvest cook and eat their own produce …and take pride in doing so.

A profound example is a school In the heart of Brooklyn in one of the poorest congressional districts. There, inside a 100 year old building, 4 stories up, one such forward-thinking educator is “wrapping schools, teachers and children around an Urban Garden,” all sharing in the excitement of growing, eating, cooking and sharing the produce from their classroom gardens.


In Temecula, CA a forward -thinking educator has joined forces with a chef to teach students how to grow and how to cook living produce from their gardens.

The excitement in their eyes says more than words can.

And it’s not just schools. It also includes neighborhood associations, food banks, community centers, and other nonprofit groups.

The Magazine has featured editorials about this movement, shared ideas with educators worldwide, and uncovered so many benefits that make hydroponic gardening worth supporting.

We want to do more than just write about it.

We want to help make this a reality for schools, students, teachers and more.

And we can…with YOUR help!

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