New and better than ever ways to Get Your Message Out!

  1. Destinations Travel Magazine is now Destinations Travel & Lifestyles with a new focus on travel, leisure and lifestyle.
  2. It is no longer a monthly publication, but a series of popular Destination and Special Interest Travel guides.
  3. The ever popular Magazine Library became the Media Library.
  4. It is now thMedia Hub Library
  5. Our new and exciting Media Hub Library now houses: Destinations Travel Magazine, Destinations Travel & Lifestyles, Travel Books, some of these include: World’s Most Unique Hotels, Rustic Weddings, Wellness Travel, Outdoor Recreation, Women’s Travel, and Abandoned Travel.
  6. The Media Hub Library now also houses an entire collection of Travel Videos and International Recipe Videos.


With all these new and exciting changes comes new and exciting offerings for our readers and followers worldwide... as well as massive new opportunities for clients and those wanting to broadcast information about their products and services.

Our Team can assist now more than ever in helping get your message out to those most interested in what you specifically offer.

Let them help you find the most effective way to reach your clients and new markets.

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