New and better than ever ways to Get Your Message Out!

Destinations Travel Magazine is Content Distribution Media and has been in the business of distributing and broadcasting digital content for over 10 years.


But we now have new and more effective ways for you to reach your Target Audience with your brand or message cross-promoted across multiple platforms. It IS an excellent resource for Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

With over 150,000 Social Media followers, and with between 1/2 million up to 3/4 million reader views monthly, Destinations Travel Magazine is the way to reach millions.

We don't  JUST SELL advertising. We WORK with each and every CLIENT individually.


Blog Posts*
Promote your brand or message via the Destinations Blog.
Destinations is now offering Blog Posts Packages which also include Social Media Promotion.
We will Blog your message, which will be shared across our Social Media Pltforms and then we will also share your information with our readers and followers worldwide.
*Proving to be one of our most effective Content Marketing/Content Distribution Tools, the Destinations Blog is for our use exclusively - and shared ONLY with our ADVERTISERS and CLIENTS. (We DON'T permit confusing or misleading guest blogger posts on the Blog.)

Travel Magazine Library*
Our newly expanded Travel, Lifestyle and Product Catalogue Magazine Library now features a variety of travel, lifestyle and products magazines. Have YOUR OWN Magazine about your business, services or products featured in the new Magazine Library. This is the perfect marketing tool for travel and tourism professionals, the hospitality industry, destination wedding professionals, vacation rental companies, private villas, private yachts, private charters, gourmet food companies, and a host of others because it is a resource travel consumers can use 24/7 to book travel and find goods or services.

*AND we will custom design that Magazine for you!

Custom Publishing
We will create a completely customized publication for YOU to get your particular message or information to YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE and TARGET MARKET and millions of OUR READERS, worldwide!

YOUR Travel Magazine Will Be Promoted via:
• The Destinations Travel Magazine Website - in a new Travel Magazines section
• BLOG POST in the Magazine’s Blog with Links to your site
• Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Instagram
• Promoted via a direct-mailing eBlast
• Video format on YouTube in a new Guide Book Library
• YOUR site! We'll provide an embed code you can place it DIRECTLY on your OWN website or blog.
• Share with YOUR clients
• Remains online

Sponsor Placement
Destinations Travel Magazine has a variety of 'Sponsor' Packages, and Sponsor Placement Spots on the Site and Blog. This is an ideal opportunity to promote Brand Recognition. In addition, all Sponsor Placement is linked directly back to your site.

We're here to assist you! For more information, CONTACT US! 

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