Get Your Message Out!

Destinations Travel Magazine is NOT JUST an ONLINE MAGAZINE ... 

It IS a Content Distribution Media Tool.


Destinations Travel Magazine delivers visually stunning, multi-media Travel, Leisure and Entertainment Content via multiple platforms to a variety of diverse audiences, worldwide.  It's multi-media Content is available in a digital, online, page-turning Magazine; in Multi-media Slide Shows and Presentations; in Videos; and in regular Blog Posts. 

It connects with audiences across multiple platforms via Social Media - including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ -  as well as on a variety of multi-media sites including YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, and Vimeo. It can be found on travel websites and other sites across the internet, as well.

It is the perfect tool to get YOUR message out...Locally or Worldwide.

In addition, its multi-media Content can be easily displayed online and on all mobile devices  - easily accessible for personal enjoyment.

It's availability on  YouTube makes it a perfect tool for Presentations to Customers, at Meetings with Clients, at Trade Shows, or for Staff.


Cross-promoted across multiple platforms, it IS an excellent resource for Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Media Options Include: 
Sponsor Placement
Destinations Travel Magazine has a variety of 'Sponsor' Packages, and Sponsor Placement Spots on the Site and Blog. This is an ideal opportunity to promote Brand Recognition. In addition, all Sponsor Placement is linked directly back to your site.
Content and Social Media Marketing Packages
Destinations Travel Magazine offers a variety of affordable Blog Posts with Social Media Marketing Packages. These packages are perfect for Content Marketing your promotions, increasing bookings, increasing attendance and delivering a message to a target audience. New - Destinations is now offering Blog Posts + Magazine Content Placement Packages which also include Social Media Promotion - maximum reach, grows your social media following, helps in establishing customer loyalty and brand recognition.
 Advertorial Media
Destinations Travel Magazine has a variety of affordable and effective advertorial options offering prime placement in the online and mobile digital travel publication. Because this fully-functional, page-turning 'Magazine' is visually stunning, it is a hit with target audiences. It is still an amazingly effective way to get your message in front of a local or international audience. With over 150,000 Social Media followers, and with between 1/2 million up to 3/4 million reader views monthly, Destinations Travel Magazine is the way to reach millions. Choose from: Featured Cover Story; Featured Editorial Placement on the  Cover; Ad + Editorial Advertorials; Ad Packages. 
We don't  JUST SELL advertising. We WORK with CLIENTS to put them in the right program or offer them the perfect packages that will provide optimal results. 

CONTACT  US for more information... and ask about the current Promotion!