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Anyone who is savvy about Social Media knows it is one of the most important components to any marketing strategy these days.


Businesses literally live or die by their ability to interact with their customers online. The Internet and portable devices have become integral to people making purchasing decisions. Social Media is only going to become more important than ever and even more valuable.


This is BIG TROUBLE for “old school” business owners that didn’t grow up with social media, underestimate its value, and its power...and don't fully understand how to use it.






Content Marketing is now THE STANDARD by which savvy businesses successfully engage prospects and customers with their brand, products or services. There isn't a more effective or affordable way to market your products and services today to YOUR Target Market. Content Marketing is not 'selling' the consumer, it is enlightening them; providing information. It is what they are looking for as they surf the web - information. By creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content, savvy businesses attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — which, ultimately, drives profitable customer action!

Through years of marketing our Advertisers via digital media, blogs and Social Media, Destinations Travel Magazine has proven its marketing prowess. Destinations Travel Magazine is a proven winner; Our clients rave about us.

We are now extending our services to include:
• Content Marketing
• Content Creation
• Social Media Marketing
• Content and Social Media Strategies

Social Media Marketing vs Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing is working within specific Social Media sites to build a Target Audience AND create Brand Awareness by connecting with that Target Audience. Content Marketing is delivering YOUR MESSAGE about your brand, products or services to YOUR target audience. To be effective, Content Marketing also needs to have a Call To Action, and a way to engage your target market to respond to that call to action. To be truly effective businesses need to utilize BOTH Content Marketing AND Social Media Marketing.


We know how to:
• Generate dynamic content specifically geared toward your target market and will grab their attention
• Engage your target audience and draw them into your content and message
• Excite your target audience to respond to your call to action.

And because WE know HOW to tell YOUR story ... it's WHAT we DO!


Traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective; and there IS a better way!

We'll show you how to take control of this new and exciting 'Revolution.'

Together, we can make your business stand out. We'll teach you the art of communicating with your customers, providing them with valuable and interesting information, increasing your business, customer loyalty and new prospects! 

Choose from a Variety of Plans to Suit YOUR specific needs! Can't find exactly what you are looking for?

We can also custom-design a plan just right for you and your needs.


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