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Are hydroponic vertical farms and gardens the new direction for Agritourism?

From what we are seeing trending... YES!

While many see the goal of vertical farms and gardens emerging as the new leader in urban food production, hydroponics does more than simply creating vertical food factories. It is also providing an agritraction – a robust public realm that merges indoor and outdoor agricultural experiences.

Cutting edge urban planners and developers are taking notice of the trend and designing multifunctional agricenters for both food and agritainment. One example of this is Architecture firm Sasaki which has designed a hydroponic vertical farm for Shanghai. The studio designed the urban farm as part of the Sunqiao Urban Agricultural District, which will be built on a site between Shanghai’s main international airport and the city centre. The complex will also integrate research and public outreach program offices. These will include a science museum, waterfront fitness trail, plaza, digital amphitheatre and educational facilities. The Sunqiao experiment presents a new idea for urban life by celebrating food production as one of the most important functions of a city…and agritainment.


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 Create Your Own
With Hydroponics!

Clean, aesthetically beautiful, low maintenance, multi-functional, a focal point for visitors and ecologically responsible. Edible, too!


Agritourism Destinations are among some of the latest trends in travel. Forward-thinking Tourism Professionals and Community Planners are coming up with new ways to fuel the ever-growing public curiosity and demand for more Agritourism. From planting hydroponic gardens for patrons to enjoy tower-to-table fresh produce, to scene-setting vertical gardens for ambience and aesthetics, restaurant, wineries, resorts, event centers – even airports – are creating their own agritractions.

Add an Urban Garden or Agritraction
In many states, like Colorado, demand for “locally grown” far exceeds supply as 97% of leafy greens, consumed annually, are imported from out of state. (California, Arizona). This demand – especially in densely populated cities – creates its own dilemmas as many downtown, overcrowded areas are miles from any local producer. So forward-thinking restaurateurs are growing their own - and treating patrons to the enjoyable ambience of 'sitting in a garden'! From garden-side, to patio-centered and even rooftop gardens, these forward-thinking chefs and restaurant owners provide their patrons with local, organic, sustainable and overall responsible produce procurement - which their patrons can actually see!

But it's not just restaurants that are providing this 'agritainment'. It is wineries, breweries, beer gardens, convention centers, shopping malls...and even grocery stores with in-store cafes. How? More ...

Want to create an Agritopian Community Garden? Many schools, restaurants, senior centers, retirement communities, and nonprofits use the Community Garden to attract, engage, and inspire communities. More...

Interested in offering your regional schools the learning experiences from a Gardening Curriculum, with more than 30 lesson plans and learning materials, integrating it into your curriculum? More…

Interested in adding an Agritourism Destination for visitors or creating a new Agritraction? Forward-thinking Tourism Professionals and Community Planners are coming up with new ways to fuel the ever-growing public curiosity and demand for more Agritourism. Want to grow a greater future (and a healthy profit)? More...

It's NOT just a HAYRIDE Around A Farm or Orchard anymore!

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