We are pleased to announce that – with so many of us making New Year resolutions to improve our health, lose weight, get fit – the January issue of Destinations Travel Magazine will feature Wellness Travel and Wellness Tourism.

We will not just be focusing on Spa Travel – Spa Resorts and Luxury Resorts –  or even Medical Tourism – travel for the purpose of seeking a medical treatment outside the traveler’s hometown or home country. But what we will be focusing on is the hot trend of Wellness Tourism – “travel for the purpose of promoting health and well-being through physical, psychological, or spiritual activities.”

We consider Wellness Tourism the means by which we relax, revive, rejuvenate… returning home refreshed, and with a new outlook on our daily lives!

And, for our Tourism partners and those in the travel industry, we want to explain even further that we concur with and will be taking our lead from Wellness Tourism Worldwide which describes this ever-growing travel trend by stating,“Wellness tourism is purpose-driven travel to improve well-being by encompassing discovery, connectivity, growth, transformation and fulfillment by promoting positive engagement between people, cultures and nature.”

Wellness Tourism encompasses a wide range of interests and activities – everything from spiritual retreats to wilderness immersion, and even cruises. But it alswalkingo includes yoga, learning about cultural traditions and healing rituals, eating farm-fresh food …and even agritainment! And with ‘immersive travel’ trending, sightseeing is out and authentic experiences are in! In short, wellness travel is purpose driven and can transform lives – and wellness tourists are looking for a supportive environment to help them transform their lives by making different and better choices .

It is important for the travel industry to understand that the Wellness Travel segment has a broad appeal for both men and women and includes solo travelers, couples, families and groups. AND it is NOT a fad, but rather a rapidly growing segment of tourism, driven – in part – by more and more external pressures, the ever-present internet with its Social Media pressures, chronic disease, and an aging nation of baby boomers looking for some answers and relief.

babyboomers_bikingWellness tourism is a business booster to travel suppliers, travel agents, tour operators , and destinations all of which can benefit from wellness travel as a brand booster and income generator.

Extensive research from a variety of sources including Spa Finder and Wellness Tourism Worldwide, North Americans who travel internationally for wellness spend 59% more per trip on average. Especially notable is that wellness travelers spend 159% more on domestic trips. Studies show that educated, affluent populations are healthier, spending more to maintain health.

Wellness Tourism Worldwide surveyed 500 U.S. travelers and found that nearly 80% had taken a wellness trip that fully focused or included wellness activities.snorkeling

In a wellness travel survey of 1,000 respondents, 62% said they’d like to take a “healthy” vacation. Another 20% said they took a wellness vacation. What’s notable is that 96% of those who took a wellness trip reported a positive impact on their lives. And, demand is growing.



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