California Winery Wedding

Winery Weddings

Wine Travel has been trending now for several years - but it is growing exponentially, worldwide.

Here at Destinations Travel Magazine, we work hard keeping up with all the latest trend in travel, and this is definitely high on that list.

There are many reasons for its popularity - one, of which is all the ways you can enjoy, tour and relax at wineries worldwide, the growing number of wineries to enjoy and the picturesque settings in which to enjoy them!

But there are many ways to enjoy them, too.


Visiting a Specific Winery
One of the best ways to enjoy all that any specific winery has to offer is to actually spend time at THAT winery. Plan ahead, and call the winery to see what all they offer. Do they offer tours? Do they offer barrel tasting? Will they have live entertainment the day you plan to visit? Is there a picnic area where you can enjoy a bottle of wine purchased from them with a picnic lunch you brought along? Do they offer food. If it is a cold day, are their outdoor seating areas heated? Is there a nice cozy fireplace going in the tasting room?

Wine Trails
Many wineries within proximity of each other will form a 'Wine Trail.' It makes it eady for wine lovers to locate a few wineries to visit on either a day trip or weekend trip - and very often the wineries will also offer other benefits to the visitor like a passport book, with some kind of reward for visiting all the wineries on the 'trail.' Wine Trails generally also provide a map, with directions, and some information about each winery, as well.

Winery Limo Tours
Another extremely popular thing to do with friends or a significant other, is to take a limo wine tour. Many limousine companies offer wine tours and a variety of difference size vehicles to accommodate you and your group - from sedans to stretch limo vans.

It is important to note that many wineries cannot accommodate, or prefer NOT to accommodate large wine tour groups - either because they don't have the room, or the staff to handle them. So it is best to call ahead.

Private Behind-The-Scenes Tours
Unlike limo tours, a behind-the-scene tour is arranged by a professional tour company WITH their 'winery partners.' Because of this, it is more of a 'white glove' or red carpet' experience. The winery is prepared(they know ahead of time that you are coming) and they are more welcoming and accommodating. This is a VIP experience, and while it may be a little pricier than a limo wine tour, it is a special experience.

Hop On, Hop Off Wine Tours
Growing in popularity and availability, hop in, hop off tours are offered by some motorcoach companies and some tour companies. For a flat fee, you have the opportunity to visit several wineries through the course of a day. You can stay at each winery as long as you like, with a coach arriving on a set time schedule throughout the day offering pick ups and drop offs. This is a more informal type of wine tour; many wineries would not be able to accommodate this type of tour, but - where available - this is a great way to spend the day with friends.