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What could be more appropriate on Wine Wednesday than Winery Weddings?


Photo Courtesy of Viaggio Winery

One of the most popular venues for destinations these days- after beaches, of course –  are wineries.


Weddings at wineries are trending because there are wineries worldwide that accommodate weddings. There are wineries on mountaintops, wineries with ocean views, wineries with scenic vistas for miles and miles. Which you choose will depend on whether you want to be wed at a local favorite or you want to get married at one you visited while traveling. Or maybe, there is one closer to where your families live.

In addition, many wineries are now set up with all the resources and partners to assist the wedding couple with everything they need.

Many have special rooms for the bridal party, where they can dress comfortably; many have a variety of venues right there at the winery to satisfy any needs; most – of course-have a variety of wines from which the couple can select for toasting, dining, etc. Many also have either their own wedding planner to work with the wedding couple coordinating everything – or they are happy to Photo Courtesy of Viaggio Winerywork with the couple’s own wedding planner.

Many can accommodate your pet at the wedding.

Most wineries provide a beautiful backdrop for the wedding photos and also have a variety of great spots for perfect photo ops.

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