Posted by on April 1, 2016

The April Issue is Hot Off The Press!

We’re thrilled to be bringing you this exciting April issue.

Of course, we are always excited about each new issue, but this one is full of travel deals, travel information and more about the National Park Sertvice. As we have mentioned in several issues, the National Park Service celebrates 100 years of service this August and -with so much going on and so much to enjoy in the nation’s National Parks – we are sharing with you ways to enjoy them even more!

And our COVER STORY does just that, as Thousand Trails and Encore, leaders in outdoor destinations, recreation and camping, share with travelers ways to enjoy beautiful campgrounds located near some of the popular National Parks across the country. From East coast to West, travelers can enjoy everything from camping and glamping… to RVing! Find out more on page 32.

And there are a variety of ways to access the National Parks and packaged travel deals to tour them! Find information on traveling the National Parks on page 28!

And speaking of TRAVEL DEALS, we are expanding our travel deal ‘finds’ and sharing them with our readers. So you’ll find even more inthis issue. Start looking for those on page 14; but you’ll find them on pages 20 and 22, as well!

We have a very timely editorial on an exceptionally beautiful exhibit at the San Juan Islands Museum of Art on the Pacific Coast off Washington state, called ‘Fragile Waters.’ The exhibit focuses on one of our most important natural resources – water-and its environmental vulnerabilities. Through the gorgeous photography, of three amazing photographers, the Museum delivers an important message. Do not miss this article – or the photographs – on page 44 and if at all possible, visit SJIMA if traveling the Pacific Coast!

Another timely editorial is on the National Cherry Blossom Festival. I was just in Washington DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival, and it’s a beautiful year for the stunning blooms. Since the festival runs through April 17, there is still time to get up to DC for the fun. Read all about the Cherry Blossom Festival – and check out the beautiful images – on page 54.

But there is so much more in store for you in this issue!

We have featured some Food tours for foodies – page 76; there is some ‘Sun-Sational resort apparel on page 66; and – while you may think of snow and skiing when you hear ‘Vail, Colorado’ it is actually a great summer family retreat! Find out why on page 82.

We also have some Kandy…Sri Lanka, that is! Discover it on page 92.

Read it now!