Posted by on April 19, 2016

Exciting news about what’s COMING IN MAY in the VACATION issue of Destinations Travel Magazine! The Cover Story will feature LUXURY TRAVEL in a BIG way – An EXCLUSIVE Private Island & Luxury Villa!

We can’t give too much away, but…

If you love luxe…you’re going to love this one!

This could be the perfect corporate getaway for that very special corporate event. For Event Planners, this could be EXACTLY what your clients may be looking for! And talk about the PERFECT venue for the ultimate destination wedding or DREAM WEDDING and Dream Honeymoon…this is IT!


Well, for starters, the private island is over 140 acres.

The Villa, itself, is ultra luxurious, offers five luxury double suites for 2 people each, with five en-suite bathrooms, large private terraces –  each with panoramic sea views!

And there are plenty of great beaches!

Don’t miss this one!

It is well worth the wait!

Look for the full editorial, all the details and GREAT photography of the island, the surrounding area AND the VILLA!

Coming in the May COVER STORY of Destinations Travel Magazine’s VACATION ISSUE!