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Where we found the best olive oil? Queen Creek Olive Mill in Queen Creek, Arizona!


OK, I admit it; I AM a foodie! AND, growing up in AZ with olive trees in the yard (falling off the trees everywhere) we processed those olives if for no reason than to keep them off sidewalks -and to keep the birds from throwing them everywhere!

But, back then there was no Queen Creek Olive Mill ( in fact there was NO Queen Creek!)

But last week I was there, and – loving olive oil the way I do – I was blown away!

Now, I have yet to be invited by Italy or Spain to sample theirs (hint, hint) but from what I tasted last week at Olive Mill in Queen Creek, in the East Valley of Arizona…I think I sampled some of the best!



Olive Oil Tasting

Olive Oil Tasting

OK, maybe it was more than flavor, it was also the fact that this is farm fresh, local food and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Or maybe it is because their farming practices and the products they offer exemplify their dedication to the environment and the health of their customers. There is no question about their olive oil… it is the real deal!


Their farm I visited is located on 100 acres 3 miles south of downtown Queen Creek and 25 of the 100 acres are dedicated solely to the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They implement Sustainable Farming Practices. They utilize pesticide free farming practices. they use the freshest olives which yield the freshest, and tastiest olive oil.

And they use that same olive oil to produce an array of amazingly tasty food products!

Like what?

BBQ sauce, pasta sauce, tapenades, hot sauce, stuffed olives, gelato and – OMG – Spanish Fly Martini Mix! As I wandered around the store waiting for our tour to begin I’d swear I tasted them all because their are tasting stations throughout the store for customers to sample these amazing products!


And there are even spa products like specialty oils for the skin and bath soap made with olive oil!

Does it get any better?

YES, because the Queen Creek Olive Mill is also AGRITAINMENT!

There are tours! You can sample all kinds of olive products throughout their very expansive store! You can shop! You can eat there; their Italian-inspired Eatery features old world family recipes where they use local and garden-sourced ingredients to create healthy and delicious cuisine and showcase how extra virgin olive oil can be used best in your kitchen! You can sit outside and enjoy your food with a bottle of wine!


They even have recipes online and they also host special events!

so if you are looking for a place to go this Memorial Day weekend, or looking for a place to shop local for olive oil and olive products (did I mention their garlic-stuffed olives are amazing!), check them out! Wish I lived closer; it is a bit of a drive from Virginia! But, hey…I can always shop online!

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Oh, and in case you were wondering how to tell if the olive oil you’re buying is a quality oil…