Posted by on June 8, 2016

Urban Gardens and Urban Farms, although not really new, are increasingly gaining in popularity for many reasons.

With the huge push for eating healthy, local and fresh, and increasing public consternation over the commercial manipulation of the food we eat…the general public is becoming more interested in urban gardening. In addition, local communities are making efforts to organize their own community gardens and farms – many are co-op efforts.

And there are even neighborhoods, designed around community urban gardens, called Agrihoods, where the residents have access to their own plot, or community-produced crops, from a community ‘farm store.’

I learned much about this movement, thanks to Arizona’s East Valley Partnership, on a recent ‘Agritainment’ Tour to Arizona’s East Valley – Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Queen Creek and Apache Junction.

What I learned on this trip not only changed my outlook on agri-tourism, but opened my eyes to something that’s HOT…and extremely relevant!

One of the stops on my tour was AGRITOPIA, an extremely popular Agrihood in Arizona’s East Valley. TrueGarden

But another stop was at an aeroponic urban farm that is producing produce throughout the hottest months in the Arizona desert in vertical space, and an indoor greenhouse. Amazingly, the space in which they are producing – and the quantity they are producing is staggering!

What I foresaw in their concept, is a way for restaurants, hotels, resorts, commercial businesses, and the general public to easily begin their own urban farm.

Using an ingenious ‘Tower’ that the inventor came up with after working years at Disney’s Epcot Center, (the Land) it takes up  little room, is virtually self-contained and requires little to no maintenance.

Find out more about Urban Gardening, Urban Farms and this new concept in aeroponics in the

June issue of Destinations Travel Magazine.