Posted by on July 8, 2016

Destinations Travel Magazine Is On YouTube!

Our readers can now view current issues AND back issues of the online, page-turning travel and leisure publication on YouTube…and in HD!

Access the Magazine on all devices that can view YouTube video, including phones, tablets AND big screen TV’s!


  • Have a particular destination you want to share with friends at a party?
  • Have an editorial you want to share with clients?
  • Were you the featured COVER STORY and want to run it in the lobby for guests to see?
  • Need to use all or part for a presentation you want to make?
  • Want to share it with your staff?

NOW you can easily do this and more with any of the issues available on YouTube!box-youtube

And the good news is, we will be adding some of the back issues that are no longer available anywhere else online to the YouTube Channel!

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So, whenever you want to sit back and relax…and think travel…on your computer, on a plane…or even on the beach, you can now enjoy Destinations Travel Magazine from the comfort of wherever you are…on