Posted by on July 23, 2016

Since first writing about Agritainment a few months ago, it has gotten so much 'buzz' from our readers. However, many travelers, looking for authentic travel experiences, don't know about it. So we decided to add a new Agritainment video.

Agritainment is a new and exciting twist on Agri-Tourism and it is trending, as travelers continue to look for authentic and immersive travel experiences. Agritainment combines culinary travel with agri-travel while it fosters a true appreciation for locally-sourced and sustainable regional foods.

Agritainment trips are perfect for family travel because there is something for every member of the family, and - let's face it - a great learning experience for kids.

But Agritainment is so much more than sustainable, farm-to-table, and locally sourcing. It's tours that take you behind the scenes; it is learning how quality food are processed to produce healthy, organic foods we want to eat; it's about picking fruit and vegetables yourselves; it's about enjoying an olive oil tasting - RIGHT at the mill that makes the product!

It's food...AND it's FUN!

Read more about Agritainment in the June issue of Destinations Travel Magazine!