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November Issue is Hot Off The Press!

Wow! This year certainly flew past in a hurry… but maybe we can all slow down enough to truly enjoy this upcoming HOLIDAY SEASON…because there is so much to enjoy and we’re going to try and share some of the Wonders of it all with you!

In case you haven’t noticed, in the last few issues we are focusing on a new series of Great Destinations. We will be continuing on with them for 2017, and hope you enjoy them!


We start with the ‘Pearl of the Bahamas.’ It is a ‘hidden GEM’ beginning with the fact that it is a PRIVATE ISLAND right off the East Coast! Some new renovations on the island are making it every bit a GREAT DESTINATION! Read more, page 24.


Another ‘gem,’ this one in the Arizona Desert, will surprise many of you by its size and – for anyone who loves military and vintage aircraft – by what all it has to offer! It’s Pima Air & Space Museum and one of the only ways to access the ‘Boneyard’! What’s the Boneyard? Find out, page 28.


We are featuring another GREAT DESTINATION, Battleship Cove,’ which is well-loved for all it has to offer AND all the work they have done there to preserve and protect historic, war-hero, military battleships. In “A Battle That Changed A War,” you can learn some of the history behind a few of those very battleships…THEN, go visit them in person! More, page 30.


Discover 5 GREAT DESTINATIONS for celebrating the holidays in Wilmington and The Brandywine Valley and what events to enjoy there, on page 36.


You may not consider Belize a GREAT DESTINATION for celebrating the Holidays, but we have outlined 10 good reasons why you should! What are they? Find out, page 38.


St. Pete Beach is another GREAT DESTINATION in this month’s issue. It has so much to offer including its location, its beaches, and it, too, is a bit of a ‘hidden gem’ without ‘mega-crowds’ of tourists. It is also in close proximity to plenty of attractions, shopping, restaurants and more. Read all about it, page 40.


Would you love to “Travel The World Like A Superstar” and even get to enjoy a Red Carpet experience? Find out how it can be your, page 22.


Our COVER STORY welcomes you to The World of Peace & Plenty.” Yes, there is such a place and, it too, is a ‘Hidden Gem’! It is located on the beautiful, unspoiled Island in the Bahamas – Exuma! The area has been a getaway location for the rich and famous when they DON’T want to be bothered by the press. It is also a GREAT DESTINATION that offers serene beauty, great beaches, great weather, wonderful local food and so much more! Discover this World, page 42.

And there’s more! Lots more! So, don’t miss a single page of this issue! Happy New Year…and happy travels…wherever they lead you!

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