Posted by on January 11, 2017

We discovered a Fabulous Find and it might just be the Best Travel Vest ever!

Looking for the perfect packable piece of clothing to take with you for your destination wedding? Need something stylish, yet functional on your adventure honeymoon? Is your wedding party joining you on your destination wedding/honeymoon and you’re wondering what might be the perfect gifts for them? Are you a soon-to-be bride wanting to look stylish, yet ready-for-adventure for your new husband-to-be?

We’ve discovered the perfect packable for travel, a great gift for travelers… or the perfect piece of apparel for any adventure!


SCOTTeVEST, makes clothing for men and women – and ALL are PACKED with hidden pockets perfect for travel, to hold all the STUFF we need to carry every day… and especially when we travel! Whether it’s you and your spouse leaving for your honeymoon, or your WHOLE wedding party traveling to your location!

For starters, the clothing is not recognized as baggage by TSA or airlines, which lets you avoid the dreaded extra baggage fees. Plus, it enables you to zoom through security lines: put everything in the pockets of the vest or jacket, place it on the conveyor belt and everything is waiting for you in one place once you’re through. One less stressful experience!

The company makes a wide variety of perfect travel gear, including jackets, vests, pants, hoodies and even boxer shorts (with pockets of course!). You can EVEN customize the garments – add your wedding date, special message to your wedding party, you can get a team logo or insignia embroidered …for a small extra cost!

Or, if you’re a fiancé-in-the-making and are looking for creative ways to propose, SCOTTeVEST has you covered. We heard a cute story from the company where one of their customers hid the engagement ring in his pockets during a week-long trip with his soon-to-be fiancée. She had no idea he was hiding it, and he had peace of mind knowing the ring was close by for when the moment was right. If you were wondering, she said yes!

There are so many great choices, so check out SCOTTeVEST clothing at:, emailing or calling 866.909.8378.

Not sure what garment to get? Well, They EVEN have a personal shopping program where a representative will walk you through the entire line one-on-one to make sure whatever you pick out is a perfect fit!