Posted by on February 4, 2017


You may be contemplating a health getaway in 2017 and thinking spa, health resort, or healthy outdoor activities. But for your next health and wellness getaway you might want to consider Train Travel.



For those of us with stressful jobs, busy family life, crazy schedules, some rest and relaxation may be just what we need. But getting in the car and hitting the road – only to get stuck in traffic on the first major highway you enter – may NOT be that R & R trip you were hoping for! In fact, it could be the exact opposite!

But, imagine rolling up to a scenic railroad train station, baggage in tow – not at some carousel at the airport – boarding and spending your time letting someone else do the driving while you stare out a big picture window watching picturesque countryside roll by… sounds a bit more peaceful…right?

Then, also imagine, you won’t have to jump in the car hunting for the nearest diner or restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner…it will be served to you while you relax.


And your room for the night?

Well, it’s just down the aisle from where you’re relaxing.

THIS getaway, could be JUST the trip your frazzled nerves were hoping for.

And healing frayed, frazzled nerves, finding some peace and serenity, and just kicking back as someone else takes the helm while you relax…well THAT sounds like a prescription for some much need Health & Wellness!

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