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Yes! Coming in April …Family Travel as Destinations Travel Magazine will be ‘taking to the roads,’ crossing oceans, and exploring all the great things for families to do and see around the globe!

Family Travel is one of the fastest-growing segments of the tourism industry, accounting for over one-third of all leisure trips. Digital detox getaways, history-focused trips and immersive vacations are on the rise. The recent Family Travel Association Summit in Tucson, Arizona, discussed how parents, more than ever, are looking to bond together through travel. It also identified a rise in extended families traveling together on multigenerational trips with grandchildren to celebrate milestones or explore ancestral history.


And Family Travel represents a tremendous opportunity for the travel industry, including travel suppliers, travel agents, tour operators , and destinations – all of which can benefit from Family Travel as a brand booster and income generator especially if they keep in mind each group’s needs: continue to nurture the Intrepid Travelers; help the Cautious Travelers with their concerns; and cater, in new ways, to the Hassle-Free Travelers. By doing so, travel providers and destination management organizations could possibly see an even greater acceleration in the growth of family and multigenerational travel.

Some Interesting Statistics About Family Travel:

  • 93%  of families recently surveyed said they were either “very likely” or “likely” to travel with their children in the next two years.
  • Respondents took an average of 3.53 domestic trips and 1.25 international trips with their children in the past year.
  • Families most prefer to travel with their children when the children are between 6 and 12.
  • Affordability is the most prominent challenge for family travel. While this mainly affects lower income families, even higher income families raise this as a concern.
  • The respondents highly value the educational and emotional benefits of travel.
  • The respondents’ household income is the most prominent demographic factor to influence travel behaviors and challenges.
  • Travel attitudes and preferences are, however, not clearly linked to demographic factors, pointing instead to psychographic explanations.
  • Search engines are the most important information source for many families, but do not always provide information that is seen to be reliable and trustworthy.

Family Travel trends of particular interest in 2017 include:

  • History-Driven Trips
  • An Interest in Exploring America’s National Parks
  • Families Are Seeking Vacations Where They Can Disconnect to Reconnect
  • Families Want to Experience New Cultures

More information on Family Travel, some great travel ideas, and some great DESTINATIONS …all coming in the April Issue of Destinations Travel Magazine!


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