Posted by on March 14, 2017

The Golden goodness of olive oil is delicious on almost ANYTHING from salads, sauces, and pastas to grilled meats and seafood. Perfect on pizza. Excellent on eggs… It is AMAZING on popcorn! SO SPRAY IT ON! And thanks to this ‘Fabulous Find’ … you can!



You’ve poured it on, drizzled it on, wiped it on, brushed it on … many of your favorite foods, but the best way is to SPRAY IT ON!

Spraying your favorite olive oil is cleaner, faster, spreads more evenly and coats so much better than any other way to flavor and savor some of your favorite foods.



You may have tried EVOO sprayers in the past and had miserable experiences with them spitting, sputtering, clogging – pretty much doing ANYTHING but spraying. But there is a relatively new product on the market – the Fine Life Olive Oil Mister – that actually DOES work…and with your own favorite oils.



It is non-aerosol, does not require any propellants to make it spray; 6-9 easy pumps builds up the air pressure needed for it to spray. As it loses pressure, just give a few more pumps…and spray.


It is BPA-free. It contains no harmful chemicals, it’s unbreakable, and lightweight and can easily be taken on a daytrip, picnic, to the beach, on a BBQ, on the boat, tailgating, RV’ing and so much more.


It is multipurpose. Whether preparing eggs, fish, steaks, salads, grilled vegetables, or your baking pans, the lightest mist of the exact oil you want is all it takes to create the result you want without needing to pour off excess oil or waste paper towels patting dry. You can even fill one with vinegars and lemon juice to zest up your recipes… or fill it with water to mist your plants.


Trying some new healthier ways to prepare meals? It’s the perfect kitchen essential!

And for air-frying… it IS a ‘must-have! More …