Posted by on March 15, 2017

Personal safety and identity safety are major travel concerns, now more than ever. Don’t let those fears ruin your travels. Give yourself and loved ones some Travel Safety Peace of Mind with SCOTTeVEST products!



SCOTTeVEST is a company that aims to give you peace of mind while traveling. They make clothing for men and women that are packed with hidden pockets to securely hold and organize all the stuff you need to carry every day. These clothes will streamline your day so you’re free to focus on your travels. Wear a SCOTTeVEST once and you’ll understand all the detail that goes into creating fully-functional fashion designed for your life.


When traveling, never worry about pickpocketing again!



All SCOTTeVEST clothing comes with a $1000 anti-pickpocket guarantee, and according to representatives they’ve never had a customer apply!

Carry the travel essentials that you normally put in your carry-on in your SCOTTeVEST and have access to your travel essentials wherever you go.
Many SCOTTeVEST garments also feature RFID-blocking technology. These specially engineered pockets will block skimmers from stealing your credit card or passport information – one less thing to worry about!


The clothing will also give you peace-of-mind while in airports. It’s not recognized as baggage by TSA or airlines, which lets you avoid the dreaded extra baggage fees. Plus, it enables you to zoom through security lines: put everything in the pockets of the vest or jacket, place it on the conveyor belt and everything is waiting for you in one place once you’re through.



SCOTTeVEST even developed an innovative “Weight Management System” that distributes the weight of your fully-loaded garment evenly across the torso to prevent feeling weighed down or looking bulky. Travel all day with all of your gear organized, secured and at your fingertips – without looking dorky!



If you are a traveler looking for a better way to protect and hold all your daily items, then SCOTTeVEST is your solution! The company offers a wide range of garments including hoodies, pants, cardigans, shirts and even travel boxers… More