Posted by on June 2, 2017

Streamline Your Summer Vacation with the right travel apparel!

That’s right.

Wearing functional apparel while traveling, that is comfortable, provides ample storage for some travel essentials, makes documents like tickets, and boarding passes, …AND also provides IDENTITY PROTECTION for your credit cards, passport, and other identity-sensitive belongings will help make any of your travel a better experience for you and your family.

And SCOTTeVEST is there to do just that!

The clothing company SCOTTeVEST has been around for more than 16 years and makes some of the best travel clothing around. If you’re a frequent reader of Destination Travels Magazine, you may have read a few of the features on them in previous months. This month, we don’t want you to take it from us – we want to highlight a few SCOTTeVEST customers explaining how the clothing simplifies and streamlines their travels.

Here’s Brent Bishop, who traveled around the world (multiple times), almost exclusively wearing SCOTTeVEST clothing:

No vests accommodate people with deep pockets better than SCOTTeVEST: 5 cameras, 2 passports, 2 external hard drives, 20 batteries, 2 phones, spare glasses, ID, tickets for 50 plane flights, financial cards, note pad, pens, emergency heart meds attached to key chain, medications etc. I should call it my Pi coat, there is no end to what I can carry. (Not included is my change of clothes, in the back pocket, in the case of lost luggage; but included my waterproof camera so I am prepared in case of a water landing.)

Here’s Tom Elsom, who wore SCOTTeVEST at a summer concert in Brisbane, Australia:

SCOTTeVEST saved me from standing in a long bag check line at the Adele Concert in Brisbane on Sunday night. I had my mobile phone, wallet, water bottle, two egg and lettuce bread rolls, sunglasses, camera, my house keys attached to the lanyard, and of course tickets all stored safely in my SCOTTeVEST. By the way it was a great concert!

Finally, there is Debora Jochetz Richter traveling the world in her favorite SCOTTeVEST garments…

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The company offers an array of styles including pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, lightweight jackets, shirts, hats, even boxer shorts. Available at, or select retailers