Posted by on June 5, 2017

By now there is quite a ‘buzz’ about Destinations Travel Magazine introducing a brand new Travel, Lifestyle and Products Catalogue Magazine Library! But, what many of you in Travel and Tourism may not realize is that Destinations Travel Magazine is also providing an opportunity for you to have YOUR OWN unique, custom Magazine actually IN this new Library!


We’re adding Custom Magazines to this new Library on topics such as: Vacation Rentals, Private Villas, Private Yachts, Private Charters, Glamping, Excursions, Tours, Wine Travel, Culinary Travel, Health & Wellness Travel, Family Travel, Group Travel, Corporate Travel, Medical Travel, Beaches, Private Islands, Weddings,  AND … Destination Weddings!

We will also be adding Specialty Catalogues on ALL the current trends like: Travel Gear, Travel Apparel, Specialty Gourmet Foods from Around the World, Wines from Around the World, Chef-Quality Cooking Essentials, Outdoor Recreation Gear…and more.

AND, it does not end there!

We will also be adding BOOKS! That’s right… BOOKS – some being made available by our clients for sale on and Google Books!

And these digital publications – which will be available online and via mobile devices – will be perfect resources for people making their travel, vacation or weekend plans…or searching for assorted specialty products.

And, of course, as new Magazines become available, we will be announcing them, and sharing them with our readers.

For anyone in Travel, Tourism or who has some great specialty products like travel apparel, gourmet food or wine items, great gourmet cooking products, etc. it is a great way to showcase your products and services.


Have you wanted your own Travel & Lifestyle Magazine? This is your opportunity!

Destinations Travel Magazine is accepting clients on a first come first serve basis for Custom Magazine Publishing. We have immediate openings this week.

And we’re offering some great incentives right now if you act quickly.

Our editor has cleared her calendar to personally work with new clients who come on board this week. An awesome opportunity!

 If you are interested in being added to the NEW Travel Magazine Library – CONTACT US immediately!