Posted by on July 9, 2017


We recently featured a new travel magazine on vacation rentals in the Upper Gulf Coast in the Magazine Library and had questions from readers wanting to know how to rent their vacation properties. If you are a vacation property owner and want to know how to rent your vacation property, here is some very helpful information.


Vacation rental is trending for family travel, group travel and corporate travel. Vacation rental is the new way to travel because of its affordability, convenience and the flexibility it provides travelers. Vacation rentals have amenities that provide the comforts of home, such as a fully equipped kitchen, washer/dryer, big-screen TVs with cable, Wi-Fi, DVD players and more. And because of its growing popularity, there is no better time for property owners to taking advantage of this trend and offer their property as a vacation rental.



But where do you start? What do you do?


  1. Find a property management company that covers the entire rental process to ensure consistent customer experiences, which results in new and repeat visitors.
  2. Look for a property management company that will provide the tools needed to make renting your property a success such as training on the latest technology and trends, and support from industry professionals.
  3. Look for a property management company that will provide a full-service solution to managing vacation rental properties.
  4.  Find a property management company that will list your property on plenty of sites to reach a broad audience and insure more bookings.
  5. Find a property management company that can showcase your area’s best attributes and amenities … helping draw visitors to your property.
  6. Definitely look for a property management company that has a respected brand trusted by other vacation property owners and customers all over the world.



In a nutshell, when thinking of renting your vacation property, look for a trusted company that knows the business and will: list it, get it booked, and is also quick to pay you once that booking has transpired.

Here are some questions to consider when looking to rent your vacation property:

  1. How do they promote and market my property?
  2. Can I promote and rent my own property?
  3. How are rates established?
  4. What about cleaning services and maintenance?
  5. What about maintenance?
  6. What about linens, furnishings and house wares?
  7. What type of rental tenant will be allowed in my unit?
  8. What if there is damage by a rental guest?
  9. How do we receive our rental proceeds?
  10. Do they accept credit cards and who pays for the fees?


Discover all the benefits, how to rent YOUR vacation property, and all the FAQ’s!  More …