Posted by on December 4, 2017

Destinations Travel Magazine will now be Destinations Travel and Lifestyles.

The creative team at Destinations is working on new directions, and new branding to match, for 2018.

We will be broadening our horizons to include not just travel, but lifestyles and leisure as well.

Destinations Travel and Lifestyles will focus on Luxury Travel, Lifestyles & Leisure in exciting and unique destinations around the world!

We are launching Destinations Travel and Lifestyles with the World’s Most Unusual Hotels which the Creative Team is currently busy working on.

Among the World’s Most Unusual Hotels: Treehouses, Themed Hotels, Underwater Hotels, Floating Hotels, Glamping, Villas, Private Island Stays, Winery & Vineyard Accommodations, and much more!

Do you have or know of an unusual, unique or otherwise spectacular hotel, resort, inn, etc?

Still time to be included… so don’t delay!

Use the form below to Contact our Creative Team!

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