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Hot Off The Press – Destinations Travel & Lifestyles World’s Most Unique Hotels!

Destinations Travel Magazine has relaunched as Destinations Travel & Lifestyles with an exciting new look and engaging content! The creative team at Destinations is working on new directions, and new branding  and we will be broadening our horizons to include luxury travel, lifestyles and leisure, as well.

And we are celebrating the relaunch with the World’s Most Unique Hotels! Among them are extraordinary treehouses, beautifully themed hotels, amazing cave hotels, and more!

From the surreal to the sublime, the unique hotels in this issue will take our readers on an eye-filled adventure from the stark, deserts of the Western U.S. to 4 star resorts on a Chilean reserve; to a beautiful resort melded into the caves of a tropical hillside; to a ‘Treehouse’ situated on one of the most picturesque stretches of beach in Kenya; to a unique oasis in quintessential England and a respite from the bland and ordinary where its themed rooms are inspired by the Moulin Rouge, Las Vegas and even planet Mars.

The treehouses in this edition takes luxury to new heights! Among the treehouses featured are: a Chateaux-like treehouse in France; a totally open-air treehouse built around a majestic 500 year-old Leadwood Tree on the plains of South Africa; to a whole house in a tree, designed around a massive 250 year old oak tree in Devon; to a treehouse in Sweden where the entire underside of the building is covered by a life size photograph of the treetops as they looked before the room was put in place!

And remember Grace VanderWaal, the winner of Season 11 America’s Got Talent? Well one of her dreams was to use her winnings from America’s Got Talent on a “sick treehouse.”  And that she did! AND she also built an adjoining one for her older sister, too!

And from Star Wars, Luke Skywalker’s home on Tantooine was actually filmed in an area known for its Cave Hotels! We’ve featured some very exciting ones in this issue, too!

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Destinations Travel & Lifestyles-World’s Most Unique Hotels!