Posted by on January 3, 2018

As many already know, we have relaunched Destinations Travel Magazine; it is now Destinations Travel & LifestylesWith this relaunch we are exploring 'uncharted waters,' which - for now - makes it a bit premature for us to have an Editorial Calendar

Our Creative Team will be taking the helm for now, as they uncover hot trends, unique destnations, and explore new and thrilling travel inspiration! Each Edition will be themed and not based on monthly events and happenings -as each will remain 'evergreen' and not filled with 'dated' events. It looks like it is going to be an exciting year!

Our premier launch began with World's Most Unique Hotels.

It will be followed by Rustic Weddings.

Among upcoming themes: Private Islands, Luxury Villas, Best Ski Destinations, Trendy Cuisine-Food & Wine, Glamping/Urban Glamping, Wellness Travel World's Best Spas, Luxury Travel, World's Best Coastal Destinations, World's Best Dude Ranches/Guest Ranches, History, Culture, Heritage Destinations, World's Best Underwater Destinations, World's Best Underground Destinations,  and much more!

The Creative Team is happy to share news and information about upcoming themes, etc. Right now, the easiest way for them to provide the information will be via a newsletter which will be sent out exclusively to those interested, as updates are available. If you wish to have the latest Destinations Travel & Lifestyles information from the Creative Team, sign up using their special form below.