Posted by on February 4, 2018

Nicaragua has become a very popular travel destination for travelers who are after a healthy, natural vacation. And situated there is a world-class yoga and surf paradise!

Nicaragua is located to the North of Costa Rica and following Costa Rica’s path of Eco tourism

Costa Dulce Hotel and Retreat Center is a prime example of a health and wellness focused hotel nestled in Nature. Surrounded by the jungle, and located on its own, on beautiful Playa Escameca Grande,  it is the embodiment of natural and rustic luxury. With daily yoga, spa, delicious healthy food and surf at your doorstep, it’s a true paradise.

Costa Dulce was built with indoor/outdoor living in mind. Think Robinson Carusoe’s tree house. Monkeys and sloth will meander in the trees right in front of the bar. Turtles nest on the beach and parrots will squawk while you sip morning coffee. Soak up ocean views from your hammock or stretch, realign and re-connect in the amazing ocean view yoga shala. Take a short stroll and meditate on a cliffside yoga platform. Costa Dulce grew very naturally, so each bungalow has a different design intertwined with nature – with some rooms having trees growing right through them.

Costa Dulce is a natural playground with a beautiful nearly private beach right in front of the hotel. Surf is at your doorstep. There is amazing paddle boarding in a lagoon at the end of the beach. There is  also great hiking in every direction  – with many animals to see; three species of monkeys, sloths, parrots, iguanas, ant eaters, and wild cats. Costa Dulce is wild! Not to forget the ocean animals, with whales and dolphins swimming by regularly. There’s even a turtle hatchery right in front of the hotel that has released over 15 000 turtles this year.

Health and happiness come from many sources, yoga being one of them, available everyday at Costa Dulce. It is home to many yoga retreats, teacher trainings and there’s an in-house yoga teacher. So whether visiting for a family vacation, yoga retreat or to take your yoga practice to the next level, Costa Dulce has your yoga needs covered.

Another great source of wellness comes from the kitchen. La Dulce Cocina caters to all types of palates and dietary requirements. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or omnivore there is something delicious and healthy in store for you. Using only the freshest seasonal ingredients, and sourced directly from local markets and farmers, the food starts off right with the best ingredients.

Costa Dulce boasts a dedicated spa area. Three massage ranchos are just a stones throw away from the beach. You will hear the sounds of the waves and wind while having your professional masseuse take you to total relaxation.

In addition to their interconnectedness with nature, Costa Dulce is very conscious of their impact on our surrounding environment, and seeks to be eco-friendly – limiting their  resource consumption and incorporate sustainable practices. They also apply this method of thinking to the social environment and have made every effort to empower the locals with good jobs, business opportunities and various social and environmental initiatives.

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