Posted by on February 16, 2018


Rustic Weddings is Hot Off The Press and we couldn’t be more excited about this issue!

Rustic Weddings is one of the biggest trends in weddings and destination weddings, and continues to grow. It’s popularity is due, in part, to an ever-growing desire to do away with the formal wedding affair and all the stress that goes with it…and keep weddings casual and fun.

Let’s face it, there is plenty of stress in day-to-day living…why add to it?


Rustic Weddings, are’Bohemian’ Weddings –¬†unconventional, non-traditional,¬†unorthodox…and bring together like-minded friends and family into a celebration of love and life that has a more carefree vibe.

Rustic Weddings venues can be anywhere the wedding couples hearts lie.  They can be in a rustic barn, on a historic site, high up in the hills, standing on a summit overlooking a waterfront or up with the clouds on a mountain summit somewhere close or far from home.

And we have it all in this spectacular issue all about Rustic Weddings!

We have the inspiration behind them, and the ways to make the most of them.

In this issue find: barn weddings, country weddings, garden weddings, farm weddings, orchard weddings, mountaintop weddings, waterfront weddings, ski country weddings, helicopter weddings and more!


We’ve featured some of our Favorite Barns – worldwide; we’ve featured some of our favorite rustic venues worldwide!

And there are plenty of pages filled with ideas about what rustic weddings might look like in a variety of venues!


And then there are the cakes… The NAKED cakes!



And it wouldn’t be complete without some rustic chic design elements for inspiration.

And yes…there’s even more!

So check out this latest Destinations Travel & Lifestyles for a fun romp into the world of RUSTIC WEDDINGS.

We guarantee you’ll be glad you did!