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The Creative Team is currently working on a very special edition of Destinations Travel & Lifestyles…Women’s Travel!


About Women’s Travel

Not only is women-only tours and travel trending, but the latest women’s travel statistics indicate women consumers are actually now driving the world travel economy!

Women are earning more, they are spending more… and they are influencing all levels of the travel industry. Women’s purchasing power in the travel segment has never been higher.

Women are traveling to more exotic destinations, doing more adventurous activities and increasingly traveling alone … and women represent the majority of consumers booking travel via online marketing.

According to Forbes, women make 80% of the decisions and are expected to spend $125 billion this year. And approximately 75% of those who travel take cultural, adventure or nature trips are women.

What You’ll Discover in The Women’s Travel Edition…

The focus will include Women’s Tours, & Travel Packages, Women’s Travel Destinations, types of Women’s Travel from relaxed to strenuous, worldwide.

Some of the topics will include:
Women’s Wellness Travel
Women’s Adventure Travel
Mother-Daughter Travel
Women’s Groups Travel
Solo Traveler Packages & Rates
Single-traveler Surcharges
Women-Only Travel for Mature women
Women’s Travel Clothing & Gear … and much more!

If you offer Women’s Travel Services, and would like more information about this issue, contact the Creative Team!

There is currently still editorial and AD-vertorial space available.

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