Posted by on October 21, 2019

Destinations Travel & Lifestyles has always had an eye out for FABULOUS FINDS – whether they were tech gadgets, travel accessories, travel bags, travel apparel …and more. If it was noteworthy for any particular reason, our staff – especially our Editor – was on it and sharing the info with our readers.

We’ve discovered a fabulous FASHION FIND in a line of jewelry accessories that’s noteworthy for several reasons.

  • Lead, Nickel and Cadmium free
  • Well made
  • Unique designs including many tribal, aboriginal, culturally inspired, inspired by nature, architecture and more
  • These Fashion Jewelry Accessories are ONLY $5.

What is even more exciting about this line is that – when a particular style sells out – it is replaced with something new…NOT restocked. So the inventory remains ‘evergreen’ … fresh and dynamic.

These fashion accessories are available in styles suitable for women, men…even children! Find high fashion looks; find rustic looks with natural elements like leather, cording, stones, bone and shells.

The quality – no cheap, flimsy, thin, puny product here. Each piece looks like it has been artisan crafted. The accessories have weight and substance…many that would fool even the best-trained eyes! While there are a select few in a higher price point of $25., the majority of the hundreds of pieces in this accessory line are only $5. including Necklace and Earring SETS! No one will know but YOU! Traveling? Wear this jewelry with confidence and without worry of theft!

For Destination Weddings, this jewelry is ideal. Not only are there Necklace and Earring sets fit for royalty, but because they are only $5. you can feel confident wearing them on a beach, in a crowd, on a cruise ship… ANYWHERE. Guilt and WORRY¬†FREE!

For EVENT PLANNERS, or the HOSPITALITY industry, this fashion jewelry line can offer you some exciting options to offer clients or guests; or it might be a perfect fit for a boutique gift shop!

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